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Hotto Infrared Heater - 4 Pack



This is the only pack of heaters to get you through winter; Set them up in different rooms around the house ensuring the whole family keeps warm!


Install them all around your house, the lounge room, the bedroom, the back patio. 


- The wall mountable heater directly heats you instead of the air around you

- The Hotto Infrared Heater can be used indoors or outdoors

- The secret is in the advanced carbon fibre bulb technology that heats up in seconds and lasts up to 10,000 hours

- It is 100% UV FREE and completely safe for everybody to use

- The HOTTO Infrared heater is up to 50% more cost efficient and could save you a fortune

- It has 4 power settings that can be adjusted on the remote with a touch of a button


- Range 16 – 25 square metres

- Wall mountable heater

- Remote control

- Heats in seconds

- Heats you directly

- Whisper quiet

- 50% more cost efficient

- UV Free

- 4 Power Settings

- 10,000 hours

- Water resistant IP55 Design

- 24h timer

- Windproof

- 2000W

- Weight: 2.9kg per heater

- Use indoor & outdoor

SKU E0056-1
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