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Rachel & Jen Beauty Collection


This amazing set of 4 simple and easy to use beauty products from the new Rachel & Jen collection will have you or a loved one looking good and feeling great!

You get the 3D Beauty Roller, Derma Massaging Eye Wand, T Bar Massager, and the Facial Jade Roller. Use a different one every day or if time permits, use them all every day!


1) The 3D Beauty Roller is designed to massage your face and body helping stimulate blood circulation by refreshing and rejuvenating the skin.

2) The Facial Jade Roller is made from naturally cold and refreshing stone and is designed to minimize fine lines and decrease puffiness around the eyes and face.

3) The Beauty T Bar Massager allows you to achieve healthier skin by tightening and firming with the 6000 vibrations per minute giving you a deep gentle massage.

4) Finally the Derma Massaging Eye Wand is a skin care Applicator which allows you to use your favourite skin care products without using your hands.  The 6000 vibrations per minute allows your skin to absorb up to 40% more allowing you to activate the full benefits of whatever your preferred skin product is.


Why get just one when your body really wants all four?!

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