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Zoro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Work Smart, Not Hard with the Zoro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

This smart and reliant machine makes
household tasks enjoyable. Zoro is very intelligent and is able to evade most of the obstacles in its
way, able to reach almost every corner of rooms, under the TV table, under and around beds, small
corridors, and more!

The Smart Vac Zoro 2 in 1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner contains a rechargeable 2600mAh Lithium
Battery which can last for up to 120 minutes providing enough time to make sure your space is clean
& tidy.

This powerful cleaner, perfect for your house also has a 360-degree Laser Distance Sensor. This
Advanced Laser distance sensor allows it to map the space around itself and Navigate where it’s
going all in real-time.

Not to mention that it is also fully equipped with intelligent Anti Drop Sensors
and state-of-the-art Obstacle Avoidance Technology.

Its powerful 1800PA Suction with its dual Brushless Motor ensures that any dirt, dust, hair, and
debris is effectively picked up and cleaned without any issues.

Control Zoro using the Tuya custom Smart app to customize paths for it to clean or to even set up
virtual barriers and restricted areas with scheduled Cleaning. Try connecting voice command to
control your Zoro, making cleaning up easier than ever! by using Alexa or Goggle home.
After Zoro has finished cleaning up it will quickly return to its charging dock.


  • Advanced Obstacle Avoidance
  • Efficient Mapping
  • Intelligent Anti Drop Sensors
  • Easy Climb up to 1.5cm
  • Smart Return to Charging dock
  • Automatic Mode LDS Navigation
  • Cleans Corners and Edges
  • Strong Mode for Deep Suction
  • Program Mode for Scheduled Cleaning


1 X Zoro Robot Vacuum
4 X Slide Brushes
2 X Microfiber Mops
1 X Dock Station
1 X Manual
SKU 00023
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